A little book of breathing

A little book of breathing was first published as ‘My father’s body in nine drawings’ in Verity La, 23 September 2010. It was then made into an artists book and exhibited in String Books at The Left Hand Gallery in Braidwood NSW in December 2010. The State Library Queensland acquired a copy for its collection….

No notes (this is writing)

No Notes (this is writing) is a continuous collaborative work in the form of a loose dialogue between Francesca Rendle-Short and Martina Copley written on iphones that arose out of a shared interest in what it means to practice writing or something other. 

The Near and The Far reviews

“Anyone looking for coherence of style, content and purpose will not find it in The Near and the Far. But the book’s point is to showcase diversity and difference. In this, it delivers — and handsomely.” The Australian: DEREK PARKER: The Near and The Far: new stories from the Asia-Pacific “[The Near and The Far] grew out of…

The Near and The Far

The Near and The Far: stories  from the Asia-Pacific, David Carlin and Francesca Rendle-Short (eds) From 21 of the best writers in the Asia-Pacific region comes a collection about finding connections where you least  expect them. A wonderful advance review by Sonia Nair in Books + Publishing: ‘Born out of WrICE—a program of reciprocal residencies…

WrICE: China 2016

In 2016 Francesca participated in WrICE: China. With co-director David Carlin she travelled to Guangzhou and Yangshou to take part in a writing residency. She was joined by essayist and novelist Alice Pung playwright Michele Lee emerging writers Peter Clynes, Ara Sarafian and Mia Wotherspoon DAI Fan from China Larry Ypil from the Philippines Maggie Tiojakin from Indonesia Eliza Vitri…


You can find Francesca Rendle-Short‘s publications on the RMIT research repository and through academia/edu. Books Rendle-Short, F and David Carlin (eds), The Near and The Far Vol II, Scribe Publications, 2019 Rendle-Short, F, Fantauzzo, L (eds), PRESS; 100 Love Letters, The University of Philippines Press, 2016 Rendle-Short, F and David Carlin (eds), The Near and The…

Parsing the aside

‘Parsing the Aside‘ was conceived after receiving an invitation from Martina Copley: ‘In this parsing exercise, a writer-and-academic is invited to respond in writing to the visual work of a visual-artist-and-student-academic in exhibition. What follows is an account of the process as writing experience, replete with pause, reflection, improvisation; considered reflexivity, digression, resistance, repetition, proposition, and echoes…

Not/Knot Father: Alzheimer’s, Nonfiction and Writing the Father

ABSTRACT of this work is as follows: Alzheimer’s disease or AD is characterised by neurofibrillary knots, or tangles, and beta-amyloid plaques in the brain. Nerve cells waste away and wither and eventually decay and die. AD is a state of atrophy, degeneration, and negation. It is about not thinking right, about not being able to…

Imago: new German edition

A new edition of Imago in a backlist refresher will be published by Fischer Verlag in Germany. It will be under the title Molly und Mary: Die Geschichte einer Freundschaft.

Give breath a chance

As part of the Australian Women Writers Challenge’s (AWW) commitment to diversity, there was a focus on lesbian/queer women writers during October 2015. Francesca’s mini essay ‘Give breath a chance’ was the final piece in a series of four. ‘I look up the words permissive and rebel, wonder what one might look like… Permissive rebel….

NonfictioNOW conference – Flagstaff 2015

Francesca appeared at the NonfictioNOW conference in Flagstaff Arizona, USA, in 2015. NonfictioNOW is The NonfictioNOW Conference is a regular gathering of over 400 nonfiction writers, teachers and students from around the world that explores all things nonfiction. She was on two panels: Performing the Essay with: Sophie Cunningham Peta Murray Lucinda Strahan  Ayse Papatya Bucak….

STREAT Creative Inkubator

#streatstories RMIT’s non/fictionLab and STREAT are partnering in a collaborative creative project that connects city dwellers to each other and to the wider community through writing and storytelling. STREAT is a social enterprise dedicated to stopping youth disadvantage and homelessness ‘one meal at a time’. The RMIT/STREAT Creative Inkubator or #STREATstories aims to foster a meaningful sense of…