Imago: new German edition

A new edition of Imago in a backlist refresher will be published by Fischer Verlag in Germany. It will be under the title Molly und Mary: Die Geschichte einer Freundschaft.

Imago review: ‘fascinating’

A newly-found review of Francesca’s first novel Imago published on ANZ litlovers litblog: ‘I thought Imago would be fascinating, and it was.’

Imago – review to coincide celebrating Canberra’s 100 years

Dinner at Caphs set themselves the task of reading only fiction set in Canberra to celebrate Canberra’s centenary. Here she reviews my book Imago: “To love Marj is to love Canberra, because they are the same thing – round, protective, unashamed, confident women.”

Imago: review Hares and Hyenas

Review for Hares and Hyenas by Heather Nix: ‘Firm ripe luscious fruits can be eaten in many, ever so different, ways. So too, Francesca Rendle-Short’s novel Imago can be devoured. But not before the reader has tasted every morsel and is still left wanting more.’ Read more… Image: Sweet River (1996), from Imago, thanks to…

Imago: reviews

You can buy Imago from Spinifex Press. ‘Imago is a great restless read, punchy and quirky and indescribably tender.’ Diva, UK ‘Imago is a disquieting powerful, beautifully crafted exploration of a woman’s coming of age. Told in a series of flashbacks, it is the story of Molly Rose Moone’s painful emigration and ultimate acclamation to the…


Imago is a story of love and obsession, of seduction and transformations. The threading together of skins, of bodies. It’s a story of metamorphosis, taking and eating, larvae and pupae, the risks of stagnation. Possibilities of death. You can purchase Imago here or here.   Imago was translated into German under the title Molly und Mary…