You can find Francesca Rendle-Short‘s publications on the RMIT research repository and through academia/edu.


Artists books

  • Rendle-Short, F and Copley, M, No notes (This is writing)
  • Rendle-Short, F, A little book of breathing

Creative work in book chapters/anthologies

  • Rendle-Short, F, 2016, ‘1:25,000’, Rendle-Short and Carlin (eds), Scribe Publications
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2013, ‘My father’s body’, essay/memoir in The Best Australian Science Writing, NewSouth Books
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2013, ‘Glossus’, memoir in Just Between Us: Australian women writers on the fraught, funny world of female friendships, Pan Macmillan
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2012, ‘My father’s body’, essay/memoir in The Invisible Thread, Halstead Press
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1998, ‘Sing your heart out’, short story in Red Cat Country, Ginninnderra Press
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1997, ‘The bath’, short story in Pressing the flesh, Top Drawer Press
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1996, ‘Loop the loop’, short story/memoir in Wee Girls, Spinifex Press
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1995, ‘Grapes are for eating’, short story in Four W, No. 6, Wagga Wagga Writers Writers
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1989, ‘Big sister’, novella in Mirrors, Redress Novellas, Redress Press

Other creative works

  • Rendle-Short, F, 2016, ‘Sub rosa’, Queer Un Conscious Folio, The Lifted Brow, forthcoming
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2016, ‘there | is a feather’, performance poetry, Frequent Flyers, South Durras
  • Rendle-Short, F. 2015, ‘Give Breath a Chance‘, Focus on Lesbian/Queer Australian Women Writers: Guest Post by Francesca Rendle-Short, Australian Women Writers Challenge, October
  • Rendle-Short, F. 2014, On Drawing (Essaying) Nonfiction: As a Set of Seven Instructions , The Essay Review, #2, Fall, University of Iowa Nonfiction Writing Program
  • Rendle-Short, F. 2014, Took to the sky: drawing as memory as nonfiction, in TEXT: Journal of Writing and Writing Programs, Australian Association of Writing Programs, Australia, no. 27, pp. 1-15 ISSN: 1327-9556
  • Rendle-Short, F. 2014, ‘Impossible without a body: a song, (breath), and dust‘, Killing the Buddha, an online magazine of religion, culture, and politics, United States
  • Rendle-Short, F. 2014, ‘Poetic Cartography, Love, and Loss: On Piecing Together a Father‘; and ‘A Matter of View: (From a Book of Annotations)‘, in NANO: New American Notes, New York City College of Technology, United States, no. 6, pp. 1-9 ISSN: 2160-0104
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2013, Affettuoso: meditation on the body, Bumf, Brisbane
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2013, ‘Field guide to writing a father‘, Overland Literary Journal, #210
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2012, ‘Who’s counting 1’, ‘Who’s counting 2’, ‘Who’s counting 3’, and ‘Counting is counting is counting’, Rabbit 6, November
  • Rendle-Short, F, and Hephzibah Rendle-Short, 2012, ‘What do you want of me?, exhibition in Non, First Site Gallery, RMIT University, 21-24 November
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2012, ‘Getting your blood up‘, The Victorian Writer, March
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2011 ‘Just Glad Wrap’, exhibition in The Five Obstructions, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Victoria College of the Arts, 16 June to 10 July
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2010 ‘Angel bread: writing my mother‘, essay/memoir AXON: Creative Explorations, vol 1, no 1, ISSN 1838-8973, September 2011
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2010 ‘The Pineapple Girl’, photo essay Queensland Historical Atlas
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2010 ‘Beastly and beautiful: My mother reads Lolita’, photo essay/memoir Hecate, St Lucia, Brisbane: Hecate Press, 36, 1&2
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2010 ‘My father’s body in nine drawings’, Verity La, 23 September
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2010, ‘The buoyancy of courage’, interview with Nigel Featherstone and Verity La, Verity La, 20 September
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2010 ‘The pig’s head’, essay/memoir Mixed Nerve, #7, Summer
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2010 ‘A little book of breathing’, artists book in String Books: an exhibition of handmade books hung out for view, The Left Hand Gallery, Braidwood, NSW, December 2010, collected by the State Library of Queensland
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2009 ‘My father’s body: On creation, evolution and Alzheimer’s disease’, photo essay in Overland, #197, Spring
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2009, ‘Write with the body: skin, bones, blood’, memoir as visual art, in Dethridge, L. Lade, J. Cole, C. Brear, P. Strahan, L. Renner, C. Van de Pol, C. and
  • Rendle-Short, F. 2009, ‘Writing Naked’, Writing Naked: a mixed media exhibition for Melbourne Writers Festival, Field 36 Gallery, RMIT Swanston St., Melbourne, Australia
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2009, ‘Hanging by a thread’, Feathering the Nest, group exhibition, Garage Openings, ACT, April
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2008, ‘Five Crossfire Pairings’, poetry for the exhibition and catalogue Crossfire: Prints and glass, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, 2 May – 27 July
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2007–2008, Galleria, Australian Tax Office Headquarters, Canberra, wall text and narrative co-written with Jordan Williams, in association with Woodhead Adelaide Design and Ngambri elder and Indigenous leader Matilda House
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2007 ‘Another Book of Breathing’, an exhibition of works, visual work as memoir, 12th Conference of the Australian Association of Writing Programs Conference, … and is … 12th Annual Conference of AAWP Conference, Canberra, Australia, 21–23 November
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2007 ‘Illicit Desire: On love, shame and family slides’, photo essay Overland, #188, Spring, 2007
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2007 ‘A Book of Breathing’, an exhibition of works, visual work as memoir, Schloss Haldenstein, Haldenstein, Switzerland, February
  • Rendle-Short, F, with Felicity Packard 2005 ‘Us‘, a short play for the stage, Six Pack, The Street Theatre Season, September – October
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2003, ‘Italy by numbers’, short story, Poetry and Prose Feature, Muse, December/January #224
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2002, ‘But for air’, Microstories series, short story, Panorama, Canberra Times, 13 April
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2001, ‘Something Andre Breton said’, short story, Blast, The Erotic Issue, Winter
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2001, 1995, ‘For a mother’, poetry, ANU Poet’s Lunch
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1997, ‘A dance of brown mush’, short story, Blast, 33, Autumn
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1997, ‘Blue ring of certainty’, short story, Blast, 33, Autumn
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1996, ‘Speaking in tongues: A plainsong for two voices’, short story, Australian Women’s Book Review, December
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1996, ‘Her words too’, poetry, Capital Women
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1996, ‘Speaking in tongues: A plainsong for two voices’, Australian Women’s Book Review, December
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1995, ‘A game: from Puzzles from childhood’, short story, Redoubt, 21
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1995, ‘Swimming breaststroke again with pink plastic fish’, short story, ANUTech Reporter
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1995, ‘The mountain’, poetry, Muse, September
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1995, ‘A necessary knot’, poetry, Muse, September
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1994, ‘Two of a kind in one body’, poetry, Muse, #135, October
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1993, ‘Revolution by night: On visiting the surrealist exhibition’, short story, National Gallery of Australia, SoundingSohpia, no. 2, winter, 1993, reprinted Australian Women’s Book Review, vol. 5.4, December
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1993, ‘Paper woman’, poetry, Muse, #121, July
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1993, ‘To a pink rock’, poetry, Australian Women’s Book Review, vol. 5.2, June
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1989, ‘The colour of a seed’, short story, in Womanspeak, March/April
  • Rendle-Short, F, 1989, ‘Lu’s deaf’, short story, in Muse, 80

Scholarly book chapters

Scholarly/refereed work in journals

Scholarly/academic conference papers

  • Rendle-Short, F, 2012, ‘Writing as curatus: archival practices, encounter and response‘, Encounters: Refereed Conference Papers of the 17th Annual AAWP Conference, Geelong, Victoria, November 2012
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2012, ‘Queensland and all that’, Out of Place, NonfictioNow Conference, Melbourne, November
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2012, ‘My mother’s “negative library”: moral guardians and their “death lists”, Literature and Censorship AAL Conference, 10-12 July
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2012, ‘Speaking in tongues’, Framing Lives Conference, IABA Conference, 17-20 July
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2012, ‘Father work: Just gladwrap’, Ethical Imaginations: Refereed Conference Papers of the 16th Annual AAWP Conference, Byron Bay, NSW, November 2011
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2010, ‘If you don’t have skin, you’re not there: new literatures, hash tag poetry (#poetry) and writing students’ (PDF), Strange Bedfellows or Perfect Partners Papers: the refereed proceedings of the 15th conference of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs, Catherine Cole, Marcelle Freiman and Donna Lee Brien (eds), RMIT, Melbourne
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2010, ‘The drawing, breathing, writing body’, Drawing Out 2010, refereed Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-0-646-53254-7, 7–9 April, RMIT University, Melbourne
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2007, ‘Writing wrongs: The art of crossing over to “unbite” the tongue’ (PDF), and is paper: Refereed Proceedings of the 12th Conference of the Australian Association of Writing Programs Conference, … and is … 12th Annual Conference of AAWP Conference, Canberra, Australia, 21–23 November

Arts and review writing (selected)

  • Rendle-Short, F, 2012, ‘The secrets of Leonard and Elizabeth Jolley’, Australian Book Review, No. 341, May
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2003, ‘Heidi Lefebvre‘, RealTime, #57 Oct-Nov pg. 42
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2003, ‘Paul Zivkovich‘, RealTime, #57 Oct-Nov pg. 45
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2003, ‘Moving out of bounds‘, ARTLOOK, #230, July
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2003, ‘Up close and personal’, ARTLOOK, #229, June
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2003, ‘In the Company of Hope‘, ARTLOOK, #227, April
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2002, ‘Analogue Technologies’, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, eyeline, #49
  • Rendle-Short, F, 2000, ‘On the edge: working as an independent freelance curator’, Art Monthly Australia, December 1999 – February, No 126, p15

Books as editor

  • Rendle-Short, F, Goodwin, Omega, Berry, Marsha (eds), 2010, Poetry 4 U, collection of Twitter poetry, Melbourne: RMIT University
  • Rendle-Short, F (ed), 2003, The living quilt, collection of stories from Positive people in the ACT, foreword by Justice Michael Kirby, AIDS Action Council
  • Rendle-Short, F (ed), 2002, Ellis Rowan, catalogue in conjunction with exhibition, National Library of Australia, Sep/Oct
  • Rendle-Short, F (ed), 2002, This Errant Lady: Jane Franklin’s Overland Journey to Port Phillip and Sydney, 1893, introduction, annotations and selection by Penny Russell, National Library of Australia
  • Rendle-Short, F (ed), 2001, Yes, I am: Stories by young queer people, foreword Christos Tsiolkas, AIDS Action Council ACT, in the collection of the National Library of Australia
  • Rendle-Short, F (ed), 2001, Time to go: Robin White work from 1982 to 2000, curated by Helen Maxwell, Drill Hall Gallery, Australian National University, 8 November to 16 December
  • Rendle-Short, F (ed), 2000, Legends: The art of Walter Barnett, catalogue published in conjunction with Legends: The art of Walter H. Barnett exhibition, December – March, National Portrait Gallery, State Library of NSW curator Roger Neill, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Rendle-Short, F (ed), 2000, Omai & Cook: The Cult of the South Seas, catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name, curator Michelle Hetherington, National Library exhibition in association with the Humanities Research Centre, ANU
  • Rendle-Short, F (ed), 2000, Nora Heysen, catalogue published in conjunction with the Nora Heysen exhibition, October, curator Lou Klepac, National Library of Australia
  • Rendle-Short, F (ed), 2000, Mirror with a memory: Photographic portraiture in Australia, catalogue curated by Helen Ennis, foreword by Andrew Sayers, National Portrait Gallery (catalogue written in combination with wall text and education kits)
  • Rendle-Short, F (ed), 1998, Extraordinary talent: Portraits of Canberra artists, Photographs by William Hall, Federal Capital Press and William Hall
  • Rendle-Short, F (ed), 1995, Frost Bytes by Pene Greet & Gina Price, Double Bay

  • Image: Touch, gelatine, dictionary, water, Haldenstein, 2007