The Near and The Far reviews

“Anyone looking for coherence of style, content and purpose will not find it in The Near and the Far. But the book’s point is to showcase diversity and difference. In this, it delivers — and handsomely.”

The Australian: DEREK PARKER: The Near and The Far: new stories from the Asia-Pacific

“[The Near and The Far] grew out of a project called WrICE, a program of reciprocal residencies and cultural events whose purpose is to foster a strong Asia-Pacific writing community. The common origins of this book’s contents probably explain its very cohesive feel, and it would make an excellent teaching text.”

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald: Kerry Goldsworthy: The Near and The Far review: Impressive anthology of stories from Asia Pacific

“Grab your chair, grab your bowl of soup, watch your toes, don’t lean on that stack of motorbikes propped on the kerb, and just hold tight.”

Edited extract from ‘Incoming Tides’ by Cate Kennedy, published in the anthology The Near and The Far (Scribe).

Other reviews include Australian Book Review, The Big Issue, Peril Magazine, Books + Publishing, TEXT Journal.

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