Doctoral thesis

Francesca’s doctoral thesis out of which Bite Your Tongue (Spinifex) was published in 2011 is online at the University of Wollongong in their research holdings:

  • vol 1 Bite Your Tongue;
  • vol 2 A Book of Pineapple.

Publicly funded creative research is made publicly available.

“Two years before she died, Susan Sontag spoke about the power of fiction, how it is through inventions of a writerly kind that we receive an “education of the heart.” She said it is through art, fiction in particular, that we are able to make a world that “enlarges our sympathy.”

This vision underpins this submission for a Doctor of Creative Arts, which consists of two companion texts: a novel (Volume I) and its theoretical annotation/exegesis (Volume II).”

This thesis was awarded an examiners’ commendation.

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