9 Slices

Francesca led the 9 Slices initiative of the 2015 Emerging Writers Festival that resulted in a book  and video of the project being produced:

9 slices the movie

They write, they type, they read and they draw – for hours on end…

Creativity is only possible if you don’t set out to be creative in the first place. It can’t be taught, copied and it doesn’t follow a formula. It simply pops up where you least expect it. It’s inconvenient and fast, surprising every time. If you find it, use it. (9 Slices, Day 6)

 9 Slices: creativity as an event.

Over nine days of the Emerging Writer’s Festival, some of RMIT’s most enterprising minds set out to produce a book. Each day a different team of writer, editor and designer created a new chapter, finding their inspiration amidst the hurly-burly of 1000 £ Bend cafe and the Slice Girls pizzeria next door.

There were typewriters and reams of paper, cast iron bunnies as muses, Aretha Franklin and Etta James soundtracks, writers in onesies, portable printers, chocolate on tap, mad dashes to power points outside libraries to upload files – and very long days ripe with the imagination.

9 Slices: creativity as a book.

The whole room laughed and we sighed together. (9 Slices, Day 4)

33 students took part in 9 Slices at Slice Girls Pizzeria and Thousand Pound Bend. Blurb sponsored the printing of the book. Penny Johnson and Tracy O’Shaunghessy contributed to the running of the project, non/fictionLab providec collegial support and most importantly the Emerging Writers Festival, Sam Twyford-Moore and Kate Callingham initiated this fabulous project.