Poetic Cartography, Love, and Loss

This work is in two pieces: the essay or “an intervention as paradox” Poetic Cartography, Love, and Loss and artefact A Matter of View: (From a Book of Annotations).

Denis Wood writes of this work in Katy?, an introduction of sorts:

‘Rendle-Short’s “Poetic Cartography, Love and Loss” is exemplary. A writer of essays, memoir, and fiction, Rendle-Short here presents us with an essay exploring–slippery idea–“poetic cartography,” but about the death of her father. […] She links together memoir, poetry, and cartography, but the last as a metaphor for…knowing the relationships of things? She wants to compose cartography, but in writing. In the end, I come to share her anguish–if that’s right–in her father’s death and his strong creationism, but cartography seems to be her way of suggesting…knowledge.

And of course mapmaking is a way of knowing…’

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