Took to the sky

“Took to the sky: drawing as memory as nonfiction” is published in TEXT Journal, a contribution to a Special Issue on Creative Writing as Research III edited by Nigel Krauth, Donna Lee Brien, Ross Watkins and Anthony Lawrence.

An early version was read and discussed at WrICE Vietnam

“If we think of nonfiction as inhabiting the realm of doubt and uncertainty – a process of turning ourselves inside out (Carlin and Rendle-Short 2013) to amplify emotional intimacies – ‘Took to the sky’ recalibrates imaginative possibilities to percolate the notion of ‘father’ to make a nonfiction work that traverses drawing and writing. It posits the idea that when we draw what we see, we re-read what we remember; we compose memory-as-poetry, drawing in words and marks as nonfiction.

‘Took to the sky’ tests the porosity of writing and drawing disciplines, the relationship of memory to nonfiction, and ignites creative synergies between different practices.”

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