Festival appearances

Melbourne Writers Festival: In August 2015 Francesca appeared in three events:

  • Big Love, Morning Read
  • Love and WrICE
  • Writers Across Borders.

Lighthouse Literary Festival: In 2014 Francesca was a guest at the Lighthouse Literary Festival. It was held over the Anzac Long Weekend at Airey’s Inlet.

Bloom Festival: In September 2013 Francesca was on a panel about writing for the Bloom Festival in the Bogong Theatre at Gorman House Arts Centre in Canberra. Her fellow panellists were Marion Halligan and Irma Gold with Judy Horacek as chair.

Irma Gold, Marion Halligan, and Francesca Rendle-Short.

In 2012 Francesca was a guest at the Reality Bites Literary Festival: The truth about nonfiction, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Free speech and The Censor’s Library

The Wages of Censorship: Since discovering a secret ‘censor’s library’ in the National Archive – 793 boxes of banned books – Nichole Moore has written a provocative book about what she found. Rendle-Short’s mother was a fanatical campaigner for the banning of books. The personal meets the political in this discussion of good old fashioned censorship and the religious fervour behind it. Chair: Chrys Stevenson.

The Fiction of the Self: You can’t avoid the ME in MEmoir: but how truthful can a writer really be? Sally Breen, Alice Pung and Francesca Rendle-Short discuss with Annette Hughes whether one can – or should – ever tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

And she gave a workshop:

Writing the Mother: How do you begin to ‘write the mother’? What sort of courage will you need? How does the imagination fit in? In this practical workshop participants will experiment and play, find their own material with nonfiction and fiction writing exercises, and build confidence to keep going. There will be lots of writing, and some sharing of work.


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