Review of Bite Your Tongue: Tongue-atorium by Dominique Hecq

Dominque Hecq reviews Bite Your Tongue for TEXT journal.

‘Rendle-Short uses the incremental possibilities of metonymy to enhance the metaphor, thus creating a rich and layered extended metaphor. Tongues are for speaking, kissing, eating, licking, drinking, singing, spitting and praying. Tongues slither, laze, loll, fall off. Tongues tell stories, spit out truths; they lie and sin. Tongues connect human beings with their own bodies, other human beings, souls, pets, animals they eat, plants and objects. When it comes to tongues, human beings dread the knife, which makes them aware that other body parts of their bodies can be cut off. As speaking beings, they lash at others with their tongues, speak in tongues and talk about tongues of flames.

‘In many ways, tongues are cut in bite-size bits in this book. However, in the end all the bits do fit. Here is no Babel. Here is a fantastical tongue-atorium.’

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