Snippet 8: Truth or dare

On Tuesday 20 March 2012 the Creative Writing program at RMT University celebrated its Writers in Residence program by holding a public conversation between three Writers in Residence at the State Library of Victoria. Chloe Hooper, Hannie Rayson and Drusilla Modjeska were joined by writer and esteemed broadcaster Sian Prior, who hosted the conversation.

Thanks to CAL Cultural Fund who made the RMIT Writers in Residence program possible.

All three writers had terrific things to say about writing, writing courses, growing skins, courage, and candour. Here are some tweets from the night:

Drusilla Modjeska:

Writing: the dialogue between the heart and the head. #truthordare

Drusilla Modjeska on #writing:

“Don’t look over your shoulder. Do it anyway, do it even if it fails.” #truthordare

Hannie Rayson:

“As a writer you have a thin skin. But you have to have a thin skin.” #writing #truthordare

Hannie Rayson:

“The thinness of your skin is what makes you a writer. Your candour is your armour.” #truthordare

Chloe Hopper:

“Working in nonfiction [hurting people] is an occupational hazard.” #writing #truthordare

Hannie Rayson:

“Plucky girl goes on an adventure. That’s how writing happens.” #writing #truthordare

Hannie Rayson on writing courses:

“There’s no difference between a writing course and what you have to do anyway.” #truthordare

Drusilla Modjeska on #writing:

“Patience is really important. Wait wait and wait again. And courage – go for it.” #truthordare

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