Writing in the gap between: Verity La

Verity La interview / conversation with writer and editor Nigel Featherstone.

Francesca writes:

‘Writing this book gives me voice. It helps me work out what I am thinking about my mother, about being her daughter, her child, about the things that went on in my family, in my house, at my school, in the city I grew up in. It’s a story about trying to get close to her. Daring myself. She was so very scary. Loomed over me. I was very afraid of her. Like Joan [Didion], I wanted to write about wanting and about fear. I wanted to write about softness too, and laughter. I wanted to give the small frightened but joyous girl in me space to sing her own song. And I wanted to give her a stage to sing on with me as her first audience, and then allow others to listen in. Write it with others in mind. Translate. Connect. Reach out. To touch. Speak to…….’

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Nigel Featherstone is co-editor of Verity La with Alec Patric and the author of the recent Fall on me.

Image: back cover Bite Your Tongue.

Author photo: ‘Playing in the pink bath’, Norman Parade, Eagle Junction, slide by John Rendle-Short, c. 1962

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