Review: Poetry 4 U

What Eddie Paterson says:

‘In these works the structure of the poems, and language itself, is simultaneously reducing and multiplying. The reader is confronted with a twitching syntax that reads, to me, like the hisses and pops of a fax machine sending its code down a phone line. Additional fragments and punctuation are wedged into a vernacular that is already abbreviated. That said, there is also meaning here – a play with character/chavacter – and a stuttering voice struggling to express itself: ‘oo[!]Ganic, [or]Ganic [t]winks’. The work of @netwurker gives a glimpse into the potential of twitter as a format for surprising and experimental work. These poems serve to bookend the Poetry 4 U collection, an exciting beginning, and point the way forward to further twitterisations. It is a taste of the future, which is both organic and oo[!]Ganic, and work that I hope to see more of.’

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TEXT review / Poetic twitter / review by Eddie Paterson

Francesca Rendle-Short, Omega Goodwin and Marsha Berry (eds), Poetry 4 U, School of Media and Communication, RMIT University: Melbourne, 2010

ISBN: 9780646545035

Pb, 123pp, AUD12.00

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