Another book of breathing

This exhibition grew out of research Francesca undertook in Brisbane. It built on an earlier exhibition of work entitled A book of breathing exhibited in the Kulturatelier, Schloss Haldenstein, Switzerland, in February 2007, part of a joint three-month artists’ residency at the Schloss.

Another book of breathing is in three parts: ‘Going to church’ in six photographs, ‘My mother’s voice dug up from the archive’ in six parts, and ‘Touch’, six jellies.


Going to church 1–6, 2007

All photographs by Francesca Rendle-Short except for ‘(White cross at Inala)’ by Hephzibah Rendle-Short , 1–4, digital image enlarged on A3 colour photocopy paper, 2007, Reformed Church of Inala, Brisbane 5 and 6, digital image enlarged on A3 colour photocopy paper, 2006, Kulangoor Lawn Cemetery near Bli Bli, Queensland

My mother’s voice dug up from the archive 1–6, 2007


Shame! Shame!

I stand against homosexuality, sodomy, bestiality and similar evils, all of which threaten to destroy our society
Our young women are rotten with disease


Give a 13-year-old Catcher in the Rye and I think he is a goner

Who are these so-called educators who are spooning this garbage to our children?


I am absolutely appalled at what I have found

They are manipulating and twisting these young minds, and they are deliberately tearing apart the God-given institution of the family which is part of the warp and woof of our nation


Shame! Shame!

I tried to interest my children in Shakespeare, in Milton — some of the really, really great men in the past — and they have already abandoned them; they are not interested

To my mind they are not educated


I say this of my own children

They are uneducated at 17 or 18

I do not trust them now

That is an awful thing to say



I hope nobody is listening or is going to take this down in writing


  • ‘Are you concerned about your children’s moral welfare’, Queensland League for National Welfare and Decency, A Public Meeting, Thursday 7 October 1971, 7.45 p.m. St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church Hall, Brisbane, report by R.B.J. Wilson, Senior Lecturer in English, Queensland University (FDO Fielding Collection, Papers 1969–1991 [Manuscript], UQFL126, Box 11, Fryer Library, University of Queensland)
  • ‘Textbooks are gutter trash’, (Mrs.) Angel Rendle-Short, M.B., B.Ch., Brookfield, Letters to the Editor, Courier Mail, Thursday 6 February 1975
  • ‘I oppose the evils of homosexuality, sodomy: 4BW in action’, Semper Floreat, University of Queensland Union, Vol. 45, No. 16, November 1975
  • ‘Dr. Angel Rendle-Short, examined, who has been in frequent correspondence’, from transcripts of public hearings to the Select Committee on Education in Queensland (Chairman, Mike Ahern), Queensland Legislative Assembly, Queensland Parliament, Brisbane, Day 14, 5 September 1978, 11.31 a.m., pp 795–800 (Records [ca. 1978] [manuscript], UQFL81, Box 9, Fryer Library, University of Queensland)

Touch jellies 1–6, 2007

Gelatine leaves from Haldenstein village shop (Dorflada), Queen Gelatine crystals from Woolworths, Dickson, watercolour pastels from stationery shop in Chur (Canton Graubunden), mini wooden pegs from craftshop, Chur, newspaper advertising material from Migros supermarket, Chur, photograph ‘Going to church’, St Lucia circa 1964, water from Molonglo catchment, Maroochydore surf, Sunshine Coast, Pocket Oxford Dictionary from the Amnesty Bookshop, Cambridge, watercolour paper from The Art Store, Braddon, frangipani from Auchenflower, plates from Lifeline, Fortitude Valley

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