A book of breathing

In February 2007, in Haldenstein, Switzerland, in a show of works with cartoonist and artist Judy Horacek, Francesca exhibited the first of her ‘jelly books’ in A book of breathing.

At the time Francesca was writing a set of companion works about growing up in Queensland, Australia, in the 1970s that became Bite Your Tongue.

She has been fascinated with all things to do with this time of Queensland’s history—battles of law and order, morals crusading, books and libraries, and why Queensland is thought/said to be different.

In Schloss Haldenstein, over a three-month residency with Judy, Francesca worked on finishing the manuscript of her novel. She also did a lot of drawing—with pencil, pastels, water, found rocks, snow, gelatine, warm air.

Click here to view the collection of works.

Materials: Gelatine leaves from Haldenstein village shop (Dorflada), watercolour pastels from stationery shop in Chur, mini wooden peg from craftshop, Chur, advertising material from Migros supermarket, Chur, pencil, tracing paper from Manor department store in Chur, plates from Kulturatelier, tissue paper from Basel Papermill, Pocket Oxford Dictionary from the Amnesty Bookshop, Cambridge, water, rock from Rhine River, Haldenstein.

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