Tanja Liedtke, Tweflth Floor by Francesca Rendle-Short

Words for Escape: Francesca Rendle-Short on Tanja Liedtke and her production of Tweflth Floor, shown at The Australian Choreographic Centre in Canberra.

‘We’re stuck on the twelfth floor, somewhere, nobody knows. What’s going on? Does it matter? From the second the lights go down, as sound score and movement begin, we are caught, arrested, transfixed. Choreographer, Tanja Liedtke, doesn’t let us go until she decides to. Soft-footed, funny, athletic, delicate, violent in places, and violating, Liedtke knows how to pull us every which way: and it works, although we hold our breath, suck in air, so close does the performance come to very nearly imploding, with us, the audience, as co-conspirators…….’

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First published RealTime issue #60 April-May 2004 pg. 44

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